Xylariales » Xylariaceae » Ceratocladium

Ceratocladium purpureogriseum

Ceratocladium purpureogriseum B. Sutton, Mysore J. agric. Sci. 7: 401 (1973)

Index Fungorum number: 310479            Facesoffungi number: FoF01880

Saprobic on dead twig of T. grandis. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Colonies on natural substrate, effuse, velvety, pastel grey to greyish brown covering host substrate. Setae up to 235 μm long, 3–5 μm wide, tapering to 1.5–2 μm wide at the apex, superficial, simple, erect, straight to slightly flexuous, septate, brown, without second- ary setae, repeatedly branched at the apex, gradually paler upwards to the end, smooth, pale brown, verruculose, flexuous, septate. Conidiogenous cells 6–9 × 2.5–4 μm long, 2.5– 4 μm wide in the broadest part, 0.8–1.5 μm thick at the apex, polyblastic, discrete, lateral from fertile hyphae on primary setae, ampulliform or lageniform, sympodial and percurrent, hyaline, smooth. Conidia(7–)8.5–9.5(–11) hight × (1.4–)1.6– 1.8(–2) μm ( = 9 × 1.7 μm, n = 30), hyaline, aseptate, cylindrical or fusiform, forming clusters around the apex of the conidiogenous cells, rounded ends, mostly straight or slightly curved, with a prominent basal scar, smooth.


Habitat: Known to inhabit stems of Justicia betonica (Sutton 1973) and dead twig of T. grandis.

Known distribution: India (Sutton 1973) and Thailand.

Material examined: THAILAND, Uttaradit Province, on dead twig of T. grandis (incubation in a moist chamber for 5 days.), 29 October 2011, M. Doilom, MFLU 15–3415, MKT 024.


Notes: A key to Ceratocladium species has been provided by Mena-Portales et al. (2011). The morphology of C. purpureogriseum (MFLU 15–3415) in this study is similar to C. purpureogriseum by having branched setae without secondary setae and setae with flexuous branches. In addition the conidial dimensions in this study (7–)8.5–9.5(–11) hight × (1.4–)1.6–1.8(–2) μm ( = 9 × 1.7 μm, n = 30) are similar to C. purpureogriseum (7.5–14 × 1–2 μm), and thus MFLU 15– 3415 is considered to be conspecific.