Xylariales » Diatrypaceae » Peroneutypa

Peroneutypa scoparia

Peroneutypa scoparia Carmarán & A.I. Romero. Fungal Diversity 23: 84 (2006)

Index Fungorum number: IF 500713        Facesoffungi number: FoF01998


Saprobic on decayed wood at a mangrove stand. Sexual morph: Ascomata 234–347 × 347–439 μm, solitary to scattered, lacking stromatic tissues, deeply immersed, dark brown to black, globose to subglobose, uni to multi-loculate, ostiolate, papillate. Ostioles central, apex composed of brown outer amorphous layer and inner yellow cells of textura porrecta and ostiolar canal filled with periphyses, 195–530 μm high, 330–720 μm wide. Peridium up to 25–35 μm wide, thick, 3-layered, incorporating occasionally in the host tissues. Paraphyses 1.5–2 μm wide, arising from the base of perithecia, short, thin-walled cells, guttulate, unbranched with apex blunt. Asci 19.5–23 × 3.2–5 μm (x̄ = 21 × 4.2 μm, n = 20), 8-spored, unitunicate, clavate, long pedicellate, apically rounded, with J-, subapical ring, initially deliquescing. Ascospores 2.8–4.8 × 1.4–1.9 μm (x̄ = 4.2 × 1.4 μm, n = 40), overlapping, allantoid, hyaline to light brown, aseptate, not constricted at the septum, smooth-walled with one to few small guttules at the both ends, straight to slightly curved. Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Culture characteristics: Colonies on PDA, reaching 10 cm diam. after 2 weeks at 20–25 °C, medium dense, irregular to regular, slightly raised, surface slightly rough, with uneven edge, undulate margin, cottony, colony from above: pale grey at the margin, greenish-grey at the centre; from below: yellow to brown; mycelium greenish-grey, not produced pigmentation on PDA media.


Habitat: marine wood, on Acer pseudoplatanus, Actinidia deliciosa, Gleditsia sp., Juglans regia, Robinia pseudoacacia, Vaccinium corymbosum.


Known distribution: Thailand


Material examined: THAILAND, Phetchaburi Province, Cha-am District, from a dieback diseased marine wood, 11 January 2018, Vin. Kumar, KRB010 (MFLU 19-0623), living culture (MFLUCC 18-1111).


GenBank numbers: ITS: MK603519, TUB2: MK101307.


Notes: The species Peroneutypa scoparia (MFLUCC 18-1111) is similar to the type of P. scoparia (MFLUCC 11-0478) in Diatrypaceae, based on molecular data and morphology. It is characterized by immersed ascomata with a cylindrical or subconical, periphysate ostiole, apically rounded, clavate asci and allantoid, aseptate, and hyaline to light brown ascospores. Peroneutypa aeriensis has unique ascomatal characters with multiple, short necks. Phylogenetically P. scoparia (MFLUCC 18-1111) shares the same clade with P. scoparia (MFLUCC 11-0478) with a close affinity. Our isolate grouped within the Peroneutypa clade with low statistical support. This species is associated to the dieback symptoms. This is the first Peroneutypa species reported from a mangrove habitat.