Pleurotheciales » Pleurotheciaceae » Phaeoisaria

Phaeoisaria siamensis

Phaeoisaria siamensis Jayasiri & K.D. Hyde, in Hyde et al., Fungal Diversity: 10.1007/s13225-019-00429-2, [156] (2019)

Index Fungorum number: IF555710         Facesoffungi number: FoF05324


Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiomata scattered, indeterminate, erect, rigid, superficial, dark brown composed of compact appressed conidiophores. Conidiophores 330–380 μm high, 20–25(–30) μm ( = 360 × 24.5 μm, n = 20) wide, macronematous, in synnematous conidiomata, scattered, synnemata subulate or cylindrical, indeterminate, at the base 13–15 μm beneath the fertile portion with conidiogenous cells, composed of medium to dark brown, smooth, septate parallel hyphae, 2–2.5(–3) μm wide, splaying out at the middle to apex. Conidiogenous cells 8–12 × 2–2.5 μm ( = 10.5 × 2.3 μm, n = 20), integrated, terminal and intercalary, polyblastic, sympodial, cylindrical or somewhat attenuated toward the tip, pale brown near base, subhyaline at the apex, denticulate, denticles conspicuously cylindrical, 2–2.5 × 1–1.5 μm. Conidia 5–8 × 3–4 μm ( = 6.2 × 3.5 μm, n = 30), globose to subglobose, hyaline, aseptate.


Culture characteristics: Conidia germinated on MEA. Colonies are appressed, circular, flat surface, edge entire, first cream then become dark brown and rise in the centre with mycelium, reverse brown reaching 10 mm in 2 weeks at 18 °C.


Host and Habitat: Saprobic on Meliaceae sp.


Known distribution: Thailand.


Material examined: THAILAND, Chiang Mai Province, Doi Suthep, 22 December 2015, decaying fruits of Meliaceae sp., Subashini C. Jayasiri, C 128 (MFLU 16-0953, holotype), ex-type living culture MFLUCC 16-0607.


GenBank Accession No: ITS: MK607610, LSU: MK607613, RPB2: MK607611, SSU: MK607612.