Pleosporales » Didymosphaeriaceae » Torula

Torula ficus

Torula ficus Crous, IMA Fungus 6 (1): 192 (2015)

Facesoffungi number: FoF 04609


Saprobic on dead leaf of Pandanus sp. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Hyphomycetous. Colonies on natural substrate effuse, black, powdery. Mycelium immersed or superficial, composed of 1–2.5 μm, hyaline, branched, septate hyphae. Conidiophores up to 25 μm, micronematous, reduced to conidiogenous cells, with hyaline to pale brown supporting cell. Conidiogenous cells 3–5 × 2–3 µm ( = 4 × 2.5 µm, n = 10), solitary on mycelium, cylindrical, hyaline to pale brown, verruculose at apex, mono- to polyblastic. Conidia 10–23 × 4–7 µm ( = 15 × 5 µm, n = 20), phragmosporous, in long branched chains, 1–3-septate, with dark bands at the septa, acrogenous, pale brown when young, brown when mature, pale brown at apex, constricted at septa, verrucose, fragmenting into segments.


Culture characteristics: Colonies on MEA attaining 9 cm diam., within 2 weeks at room temperature, circular with entire edge, raised on media surface, white at the middle with velvety, pale brown at the margin with flat mycelium.


Material examined: THAILAND, Chiang Mai Province, Mae Taeng District, Mushroom Research Foundation, on dead leaf of Pandanus sp., 16 December 2017, S. Tibpromma P06 (MFLU 18-0025, HKAS 101794); living culture, MFLUCC 18-0112; Krabi Province, Mueang Krabi District, on dead leaf of Pandanus sp., 8 December 2014, S. Tibpromma & K.D Hyde SF14-047 (MFLU ******, paratype), GenBank numbers LSU: MH260322; ITS: MH275088; TEF1: MH412785.


Notes: Torula ficus was originally collected from Ficus in Europe (Crous et al. 2015b) and later found on submerged decaying wood of Chromolaena odorata in Thailand (Li et al. 2017). We provide sequence data (Fig. 33) for an isolate collected from Pandanus sp. (Pandanaceae) in Thailand. The morphology our isolate is identical with T. ficus.