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Hermatomyces indicus

Hermatomyces indicus Prasher & Sushma, Nova Hedwigia 94: 552 (2014)

MycoBank No. MB 805645


Description: Colonies effuse, dark brown or blackish brown, velvety. Mycelium partly immersed, partly superficial. Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, short, pale brown, smooth, closely packed together, 2.1–3.4 µm in width, sometimes reduced to conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells monoblastic, integrated, determinate 3.2–4.5 × 2.3–2.9 µm. Conidia dimorphic: turbinate and lenticular. Turbinate conidia solitary, grey-brown on the upper side, becoming hyaline towards the lower side, the lower side containing numerous oil globules; composed of 6–7 cells arranged in 2 rows, 22.4–35.4 µm in length and 11.4–21.6 µm wide. Lenticular conidia, solitary, elliptical to almost round in one plane, smooth, muriform, with pale peripheral cells surrounding central dark brown to black cells, 18–30 × 11.5–19 µm.




Figure X. Hermatomyces indicus (turbinate conidia). 1. Colonies on natural substratum. 2–4. Conidia attached to conidiophore. 5. Developing conidia. 6–9. Mature conidia. Bars 1 = 1 mm, 2–9 = 10 µm.