Glomerellales » Glomerellaceae » Colletotrichum

Colletotrichum pandanicola

Colletotrichum pandanicola Tibpromma & K.D. Hyde, in Tibpromma, Hyde, Bhat, Mortimer, Xu, Promputtha, Doilom, Yang, Tang & Karunarathna, MycoKeys 33: 47 (2018)

MycoBank number: MB823841   Facesoffungi number: FoF03906



Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiophores hyaline, smooth-walled, cylindrical to slightly inflated. Conidia 9–18 µm high, 4–8 µm diam. (x̄ = 13.39 × 5.35 µm, n = 20), hyaline, cylindrical with rounded ends tapering slightly towards the base, smooth, septate, guttulate.


Culture characteristics: Colonies on PDA (PE09), superficial, white in the beginning and later becoming dark-grey, circular, entire edge, smooth, flossy, velvety and raised on surface media; reverse dark. Sporulating in culture after 1 month.


Habitat: Known to inhabit on healthy leaves of Pandanus sp.


Known distribution: Thailand.


Material examined: Thailand, Chumphon, Pathio District, on healthy leaves of Pandanus sp. (Pandanaceae), 1 December 2016, S. Tibpromma PE09 (MFLU 18-0003, holotype); GZAAS 16-0145, paratype, ex-type living cultures, MFLUCC 17-0571.


GenBank Accession No: ITS=MG646967, β-tubulin=MG646926, GAPDH= MG646931, CHS-1=MG646935, ACT=MG646938.


Notes: Colletotrichum pandanicola is introduced here as a new species in the gloeosporioides species complex based on morphological and phylogenetic data. The phylogenetic analysis shows that this new taxon is well-separated from other known Colletotrichum species. The authors also compared nucleotides of β-tubulin, GAPDH, CHS-1 and ACT and found that there are differences between Colletotrichum tropicale and this new species (β-tubulin 7 bp, GAPDH 11 bp, CHS-1 7 bp and ACT 3 bp).