Chaetothyriales » Herpotrichiellaceae » Thysanorea

Thysanorea uniseptata

Thysanorea uniseptata N.G. Liu & K.D. Hyde, in Hyde et al., Fungal Diversity: 10.1007/s13225-019-00429-2, [95] (2019)

Index Fungorum number: IF555387         Facesoffungi number: FoF04949


Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Colonies on natural substrate effuse, scattered, velvety, dark brown to black, with greyish white, glistening heads of conidia at apex. Mycelium partly immersed, partly superficial, composed of pale brown to brown, branched, septate, smooth hyphae. Conidiophores up to 310 µm long, 5.5–8 µm wide at base, 3–5 µm wide in upper half, macronematous, mononematous, branched at apex, erect, straight or broadly curved, septate, constricted at septa near apex, not constricted at septa below, thick-walled, smooth-walled, brown below, paler towards apex. Conidiogenous cells 6–11.5 × 2–4 µm (x̄ = 8.9 × 3.2 µm, n = 15), polyblastic, terminal or intercalary at main stem and fertile branches, hyaline or subhyaline, urniform, conidiogenous loci obvious. Conidia 6.5–9 µm long, 2–3 µm wide at the septum (x̄ = 7.6 × 2.5 µm, n = 30), acropleurogenous, solitary, pyriform, hyaline and aseptate when young, subhyaline, (0–)1-septate when mature, not constricted at the septa, broadly round at the apex, attenuate and narrowly truncate at the base, with darkened hilum, smooth-walled.


Culture characteristics: Conidia germinated on water agar within 24 h. Germ tubes produced from one or both ends of conidium. Colonies growing on PDA circular, edge entire, with umbonate surface, greyish brown to brown from above, dark brown from reverse, mycelium dense, fluffy.


Host and Habitat: Saprobic on submerged wood in a freshwater stream.


Known distribution: Thailand.


Material examined: THAILAND, Chiang Rai Province, Muang District, Ban Nang Lae Nai, on decaying wood submerged in a freshwater stream, 6 March 2018, N.G. Liu, CR067 (MFLU 18-1723, holotype), ex-type living culture (MFLUCC 18-0701).


GenBank Accession No: ITS: MH883033, LSU: MH883031, SSU: MH883049.