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Phyllosticta capitalensis

Phyllosticta capitalensis Henn., Hedwigia 48: 13 (1908) [1909]

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On Punica granatum Pycnidia epiphyllous, globose, brown or black, 120–125 μm high, 135–140 μm wide, wall 12– 15 μm thick. Conidiogenous cells lining wall of pycnidium, phialidic, cylindrical, hyaline, 2–2.2 × 2.2–3 μm. Conidia ellipsoidal, hyaline, 1-celled, smooth-walled, 8–11 × 5– 6 μm, surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath, bearing a single apical appendage, usually 5–8 μm long.


Culture characteristics: On SNA, ascomata forming on and under media in 3 days, black, globose, 69–74× 104–119 μm ( =73±2 × 109± 5; n= 10), wall composed of a single layer, 7–9 μm thick ( = 8±1; n = 10), brown. Asci bitunicate, containing 6–8 ascospores, irregularly biseriate, clavate, 36–80 × 7– 15 μm ( 51± 1  ×  11±2, n = 10). Ascospores ellipsoid   to broadly fusoid, widest in the middle, hyaline, smooth, thin-walled, 12–22× 5–10 μm ( =16± 2 ×7± 1, n= 50), 1-celled, surrounded by mucilaginous sheath. On OA, col- onies appear flat with an irregular margin, initially hyaline with abundant mycelium, gradually becoming greenish after 3–4 days. On MEA, colonies appear woolly, flat, irregular, initially white with abundant mycelium, gradually becoming greenish to dark green after 2–3 days with white hyphae on the undulate margin, eventually turning black; reverse dark green to black. At 27 °C, in the dark, mycelium reached the edge of the Petri-dish in 20 days with a growth rate of 0.4 cm per day. On PDA, colonies appear woolly, initially white with abun- dant mycelium, gradually becoming greenish to dark green after 2–3 days with white hyphae on the undulate margin, eventually turning dark green to black; reverse black. After 10 days in the dark at 27 °C, mycelium reached the edge of the Petri-dish with a growth rate of 0.9 cm per day.


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Material examined: All CPC collected by Saowanee Wikee and LC by Nilam F. Wulandari, from June 2010 to November 2011, Chiang Rai, Thailand. From leaf spots of unknown wild plant CPC 20251; from leaf spots Punica granatum, CPC 20252; from healthy leaf of Saccharum officinarum CPC 20254; from leaf spots of Arecaceae CPC 20255; from leaf spots of Ophiopogon japonica CPC 20256, CPC 20258 and CPC 20269; from leaf spots of Ficus benjamina CPC 20257; from leaf spots of Orchidaceae CPC 20259 and CPC 20272; from healthy leaf of Magnoliaceae CPC 20263; from healthy leaf of Codiaeum variegatum CPC 20265; from healthy leaf of Polyscias sp. CPC 20266; from healthy leaf of Hibiscus syriacus CPC 20268; from healthy leaf of Tectona grandis CPC 20270; from healthy leaf of Poloalthia longifolia CPC 20275; from healthy leaf of Euphorbia milli CPC 20278; from healthy leaf of Philodendron sp. CPC 20423; from healthy leaf of Alocasia sp. LC 0002; from healthy leaf of Dieffenbachia sp. LC 0006; from healthy leaf of Anthurium sp. LC 0008; from healthy leaf of Sansevieria hyacinthodes LC 0009; from healthy leaf of Tinospora craspa LC0010; from healthy leaf of Calophyllum sp. LC 0025.


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