Amphisphaeriales » Beltraniaceae » Beltraniella

Beltraniella thailandica

Beltraniella thailandica Tibpromma & K.D. Hyde [as 'thailandicus'], in Tibpromma et al., Fungal Diversity: 10.1007/s13225-018-0408-6, [136] (2018)

Index Fungorum number: IF554514         Facesoffungi number: FoF04522


Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Hyphomycetous. Setae 100–118 × 3–4 µm, erect, cylindrical, dark brown, 1–2-septate, thick-walled, straight to flexuous, conical at the tip, unbranched. Conidiophores subcylindrical, pale brown, smooth, arising base of setae, straight to flexuous, aseptate. Conidiogenous cells 4.5–7.5 × 2–3 µm ( = 6 × 2.6 µm, n = 10), terminal or lateral, discrete, subcylindrical to somewhat clavate, pale brown, smooth, polyblastic, sympodial, with 1–4 denticulate conidiogenous loci. Conidia 10–25 × 3–6 µm ( = 16 × 4 µm, n = 30), solitary, hyaline to subhyaline, kite-like, aseptate, smooth, without a hyaline transverse band, mucilaginous sheath or appendage.


Culture characteristics: Conidia germinating on MEA within 24 h. Colonies on MEA, circular, entire edge with curled, raised on surface media, rough, grey with black at the curled, hard.


Habitat: Saprobic on dead leaves of Pandanus sp.


Known distribution: Thailand.


Material examined: THAILAND, Chonburi Province, Bang Lamung District, on Pandanus sp., 18 July 2016, W. Jaidee PTY03 (MFLU 16-1878, holotype; HKAS 96272, isotype); ex-type living culture, MFLUCC 160377 = KUMCC 170300.


GenBank numbers: LSU: MH260282, ITS: MH275050, SSU: MH260330.


Notes: In the phylogenetic analyses, Beltraniella thailandicus is distinct from other species of Beltraniella (0.97 in BYPP). It shares similar conidial morphology to B. portoricensis but differs by absence of a hyaline transverse band in the conidia (Rajeshkumar et al. 2016). In a BLASTn search on NCBI GenBank, the closest matches of ITS sequence of MFLUCC 16-0377 is Beltraniella sp. with 98% identity to the strain 111.3.3 (KP133179).